- Release the fish if u want or catch it for a good cause.

Some of the fishes caught will be donated to Centres for poor people, and some will be grilled for all of us on Popeye(Our fishing boat), where all the anglers and crews will meet and watch the best movie of the week.

Even if you didn’t go yet fishing with us, you’re also invited to join the angler’s party.

- Experience the great art of fishing from a kayak

- Not even need to be super sportive or a great angler. Our well experienced team are here to give you the maximum support you need.


Security Boat

Equipments (Kayak, Life jacket, VHF Radio, Rods and Reels,

Fishing tackles, Baits, etc.)

Lunch and Drinks

- DVD of your great day fishing also available.

20% discount on all our fishing and other nautical activities for all IGFA members
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Kayak Fishing - Ecological sport activity

While native people of the Arctic regions did not rely on kayaks for fishing, in recent years sport fishing from kayaks has become popular in both fresh and salt water, especially in warmer regions. Specially designed fishing kayaks have emerged, with designs similar to those of recreational sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks characterized by very wide beams (up to 36 inches) that increase lateral stability.

In the past several years kayak fishing has become a huge sport. Kayak Fishing has taken off dramatically in South Africa. Game fish are caught along the coastline North and South of Durban. Huge fish like Marlin and Sailfish can be caught.

Many of the techniques used in kayak fishing are essentially the same as those used on other fishing boats. The difference is in the set-up, how each piece of equipment is fitted to the kayak, and how each activity is carried out on such a small craft.

While bottom fishing or jigging can be done from small boats, it was long thought that effective trolling required speeds of five to ten knots, a speed well out of the range of someone paddling. However, the discovery that fish could be taken at much lesser speeds has increased the popularity of kayak fishing.

Anglers launch kayaks from larger boats well offshore so they can play game fish from the kayak. They find much excitement fighting a game fish as it pulls the kayak through the water.

  • In the USA, kayak fishing has become very popular in Florida, New Jersey and Texas. The largest kayak fishing tournament is held each May in Jacksonville.
  • Kayak fishing has also boomed in Australia.
  • Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa
  • Kayak Fishing is also growing in Argentina.
  • Kayak Fishing is now starting in Mauritius.

    You can e-mail us directly on: mautiyak@gmail.com

    Tel: (+230) 5 422 7565, (+230) 5 7537254,

    Turtle Bay Balaclava, Mauritius


    Such as: Kayak, Rods + Reels, Fishing Tackles such as: Lures, Fresh or Frozen baits(bonito) or alive small fish(depending on seasons).


    Sun cream, Cap, Sunglasses


    Different kind of accomodation are also provided at different tastes and prices.
    Pictures are shown here : http://stayinmauritius.blogspot.com